Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Precision works to provide practical accounting solutions for small business owners. Whether you are a new start up or an established company, we strive to offer comprehensive accounting and tax strategies that will yield the most favorable financial results for each client. The use of cloud based technology allows us to share and receive data from our clients in real time which eliminates some of the time barriers that causes delays in delivering and receiving information needed to make critical financial decisions.


While QuickBooks is an excellent tool for tracking your internal financial transactions, most banks and financial institutions will require something beyond the reports you print out of your QuickBooks. We offer compilations of financial statements that can be provided to you on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for a higher level of service with limited assurance.


QuickBooks is a user-friendly bookkeeping software that can be used to track income, receivables, payables and provide checkbook balances if maintained regularly. Our staff is available to help you setup your QuickBooks and provide ongoing QuickBooks support to ensure that your records are accurate throughout the year.

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